Monday, October 21, 2019

The Asylum, Jerome Grand Hotel & Haunted Hamburger!

Haunted Hamburger & The Asylum ~ Jerome Ghost Town

Paranormal tourism has been a popular trend in recent years, especially with the adventurous crowd. There actually are a few companies that specialize in western paranormal tour bus excursions and organized paranormal events, so nobody has to hunt down the supernatural on their own in this modern age. There are paranormal tours that cruise the borders of Area 51 and Roswell looking for UFOs and aliens. There are paranormal tours of the many “Boot Hill” graveyards in the old historic wild west towns where outlaw gunfights were commonplace. There are tours of old haunted gold mines and old wild west ghost towns. In the old historic Jerome Ghost Town, there are tours of the spooky old hospital on top of the hill and there is even a place to get an authentic Haunted Hamburger!
Jerome, Arizona is like no other western ghost town for a multitude of reasons. First of all, the town of Jerome was the richest copper mining camp in the world. The location of Jerome is rather unique, as in how this town was built on a steep mountain slope. Because of this unusual terrain, many of the old buildings have slid downhill or they simply crumbled apart after the foundations broke loose, so there are a lot of mysterious missing pieces when touring the city limits. Jerome is a living ghost town and the weekend warrior party animals simply love drinking at the watering holes in this place. Jerome also happens to be very haunted, which sets this place apart from other historic towns that are labeled with the ghost town moniker just to signify that nobody lives there anymore. 
When visiting Jerome a tourist will find organized paranormal tours, crystal ball seance parlors, paranormal detective shops, haunted saloons, a haunted brothel, a haunted hospital and a couple of haunted dining destinations. One of the dining destinations is called The Asylum, which is conveniently located on Hill Street inside the Jerome Grand Hotel, which used to be the hospital for this mining community. Just a few blocks downhill is where the creepy old doctor’s residence buildings still stand, which have been converted into a bed & breakfast establishment.

Jerome Ghost Town truly is haunted and this paranormal destination even has an old early 1900s hospital high on top of the hill, which is a classic topic choice for a horror story. The creepy old haunted hospital is now a luxurious hotel in modern times that opnly promotes its paranormal heritage. The haunted hotel that used to be an old dreaded “saw bones” hospital now even has a restaurant called The Asylum . This entire scenario definitely has the making of a classic low budget horror movie, which to the delight of paranormal adventure tourists is like a dream come true!

The Jerome Grand Hotel definitely has a classic spooky look when gazing upon this building from a distance. The narrow road entryway and the old doctor’s homes located along the way to the front door add to the chilling effect. When finally arriving to get a closer look at the old haunted hospital that is now a hotel during daylight hours, a visitor becomes thankful that the sun has not yet set in the west, because this eerie place is even creepier after dark!
Jerome Ghost Town hosts all sorts of paranormal tours and ghostly adventures that are great entertainment for visitors of all ages. The Jerome Grand Hotel hosts many paranormal events of their own as well and dining at the Asylum is always an option for good spirits. For those who are interested in paranormal tourism ventures, there is no better place to begin than good old historic Jerome Ghost Town and for classic horror movie fans, the haunted hospital hotel on top of the hill is like the icing on the cake! 
Haunted Hamburger is one of the few buildings that has not slid downhill near the old creepy hospital hotel and this building was abandoned for many years. After an extensive restoration project, the old decrepit building was brought up to code and the Haunted Hamburger restaurant opened its doors. Haunted Hamburger has been the top paranormal dining destination in Jerome Ghost Town ever since!
Haunted Hamburger definitely is a tourist trap restaurant and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that! Western tourist trap restaurants are always fun places that will entertain guests of all ages. Haunted Hamburger has a gift shop, just like most western tourist trap restaurants do and there are some nifty haunted ghost town items on the shelves that make great conversation pieces back home. This paranormal restaurant also has a couple of seating areas and the veranda offers views of the entire valley below and the San Francisco Peaks can be seen in the distance.  The craft beer is ice cold and the Haunted Hamburger on the menu is one of the best burgers in the west, so this definitely the place for visiting ghost hunters to chow down! 
Doing lunch at Haunted Hamburger and dinner at the Asylum in the creepy old hospital hotel sure is the way to attain a paranormal dining excursion to its fullest extent. Very few other ghost towns offer what Jerome is famous for, so it is best to go for the ghostly gusto while there. Partying with the apparitions is what it is all about in good old Jerome Ghost Town!

Sunday, October 20, 2019

Jerome Ghost Town ~ Arizona

Jerome Ghost Town ~ Arizona

Jerome is a historic Arizona ghost town that is definitely worth checking out, especially if you happen to be open to the thought of experiencing some old wild west style paranormal tourism!  Good old Jerome supposedly is a haunted place, which actually adds to the charm in modern times. During the last decade, paranormal tourism has become a viable industry in the west and this has helped to keep many of the old west ghost towns on the map. Jerome definitely has benefited from the paranormal tourism trend and this is what makes this historic ghost town such a lively place! 
The mineral rich geology of the mountains in this region is what initiated the old Jerome mining camp settlement long ago.  A rich vein of copper bearing ore was exposed on the earth’s surface and the native people had mined this ore for many years before the Spanish explorers noted this site on a map.  The ore bearing vein actually sat idle till the 1870s when stakes were finally claimed after pioneers started settling in the Arizona Territory.  The copper ore vein was loaded with gold and silver too, so the first round of mining started a gold rush, which in turn was the beginning of the rough and rowdy western town of Jerome and by 1899 this town was officially on the map.  
The amount of copper ore discovered at Jerome turned out to be worth much more than the secondary traces of gold and silver.  In fact, the copper ore vein in Jerome turned out to be the biggest mother load in the world!  Because of copper value fluctuations, the copper mining at Jerome did not reach a peak until WWI when copper was in high demand.  At this time, Jerome was a bustling wild west city with a sizable population.
Post WWI fluctuations in the price of copper caused periods of meager earnings mixed with a few booming years.  Eventually, the copper mining played out in Jerome at some time in the late 1950s.  The geology of the mountain was also undergoing negative changes at this time, which made living in the town of Jerome a high risk proposition.  The use of explosives in the mining excavations and the shifting ancient volcanic fault lines made the steep slopes of the mountain unstable.  Since the town of Jerome was literally built way up high on the steep mountain slopes, the unstable ground caused some of the buildings to slide downhill.  Many of the old buildings in Jerome crumbled into piles of rubble and this was the final straw that broke the town’s back.          
Technically, Jerome is a living ghost town because a small population remained in this place long after the boomtown era was over and after a few buildings tumbled downhill.  This town was never completely abandoned, but it was nearly forgotten by outsiders, because of its remote location in the mountains and its reputation for being built on unstable ground.  Those who remained in Jerome had to shift gears and establish a local tourism industry to provide income. In modern times, Jerome is now a haven for artists, craftsmen and ghost town paranormal tourism.     
A recently published article, the challenging trek up the mountain on Highway 89A from Prescott to Jerome is described. This travel route is not recommended for RV campers or towing trailers. An easier pathway to Jerome for large wide vehicles is Highway 89A coming from Clarkdale and Cottonwood. The big RV “Land Yachts” will have fewer problems navigating this less scary road that goes to Jerome Ghost Town. 
Jerome is a great place to park the car and wander around on foot for the day, but patience is required when looking for a parking spot on the weekends. Parking and walking is the best way to go, but be prepared to do a lot of stair climbing!  Those who have physical challenges may need assistance when negotiating the steep sidewalk grades in Jerome. The endless staircases that climb from one street to the next can take the wind out of just about anybody in this mile high elevation. The steep streets are lined with art studios, antique shops, wineries and specialty businesses that cater to visitors of all kinds, so the shops are perfect for taking a break from the uphill climb.  There are a few good saloons and eateries in Jerome that thrive off of the weekend warrior tourism industry and Jerome is a college spring breaker destination as well.  
For those who want to spend some quality time in Jerome, the mountain biking and hiking trails in this region offer plenty of opportunity to get some fresh air.  History buffs will enjoy tours of the old Douglas Mansion, King Mine Gold Camp, the Sliding Jail and the local Mine Museum.  Jerome even offers luxury hotel accommodations.  The old historic Jerome Grand Hotel sits high on top of the mountain and it overlooks the town on the steep slopes below.  This big antique luxury hotel used to be a hospital back in the old mining days, so it is indeed one of the top paranormal destinations in Jerome!
Jerome can be a place for wild party times and it can be a peaceful retreat.  Many famous people like the seclusion that Jerome offers.  There are plenty of old homes that have been converted to bed & breakfast retreats for people that simply want to getaway from it all and yes, some of the local bed & breakfast joints do offer a paranormal theme too.
As can be seen, there is no escaping the ghostly theme of Jerome.  This was once a wild west gold mining boom town and plenty of people were gunned down in the streets and even more died of consumption.  Jerome has many unsolved murder mysteries and the ghosts of the past do let their presence be known quite often in this eerie place.  The ghostly activity in Jerome is real and it is not just an advertising ploy to draw tourists in.  Those who can sense the spirits will agree, Jerome is very much alive with plenty of ghostly activity! 
There are few living ghost towns out west that are like Jerome.  Jerome is unique from a design standpoint, because the town is located on such a steep mountain slope.  While wandering around the narrow streets and climbing the steep staircases, one cannot help but to imagine that this entire ghost town will eventually slide downhill and it probably will.  Till then, Jerome Ghost Town is a great place to visit, especially if you are into experiencing some old west style paranormal tourism!